At the recent Marketing Analytics Summit Europe, Customlytic’s CEO & Co-Founder Christian Eckhardt was holding a keynote speech about the importance of the right technical infrastructure to promote apps successfully — with mobile analytics and tracking.

We have compiled a summary of this keynote to introduce mobile marketers to the power of the right technical infrastructure and all the opportunities that come along when they get their marketing tech stack right from the start.

Mobile analytics and tracking play a crucial role to achieve this. To tell the real story of their product, product managers need to understand what data…

We’ve reached the fourth quarter of a special year. A year dominated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Q4 is traditionally the most profitable quarter due to the holiday shopping season and special deal-hunter days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year is expected to be another great success for mobile apps — Online shopping on mobile web and apps is soaring amid the global pandemic. Experts estimate that the upcoming holiday shopping season 2020 will be one for the record books for mobile apps.

So how do you get a slice of that highly lucrative holiday pie? For app…

Is TikTok the new marketing mecca for brands? The popular short-video platform has become an integral part of the social media marketing mix for many creators, influencers and brands alike. The latest available official statistics show that TikTok clocks in 500 million users (MAU) globally. Kid us not, TikTok presents an enormous opportunity to brands and advertisers when it comes to promoting their mobile apps.

What makes the platform so special and what kind of strategy should you cook up once you decide to include TikTok in your app marketing strategy? We will discuss exactly this with Kristoffer Nilsson Kampitsch…

Creating the right digital marketing dashboard is a difficult process. Your marketing dashboard should provide a general campaign overview to track the overall performance results of marketing campaigns and assess to what extent targets are met. Beyond that, it also should deliver a detailed look at campaigns to identify which campaigns are impactful (or not). There is no doubt that the impact of a thoughtfully designed dashboard is crucial to the consumption of information and insights of your company’s stakeholders.

In this cheat sheet, Customlytics’ Business Intelligence team shares best practices around dashboard organization and design.

Recently we published an article about Keyword Optimization (KWO) on our App Marketing Blog. In this article, we covered the first two steps of keyword analysis and keyword optimization (KWO) in detail: 1.) The research of suitable keywords for an app and 2.) the evaluation of relevant keywords to get the optimal set of keywords for which an app is ranked in the App Store and Google Play Store.

But there is another piece of the jigsaw needed for a successful keyword optimization: The correct use and placement of keywords when writing metadata that is used for the product pages…

“Google App Campaigns are essential for app marketing managers — for relatively small input, you can get a great output with the right setup. Once you set up an App Campaign properly, Google’s Machine Learning is doing the job and spreads the ads across all the essential platforms to successfully catch users. All app marketing managers then have to do themselves is to exchange the creatives sometimes and optimize the campaigns accordingly.” Christian Eckhardt, Co-founder and CEO of Customlytics

Google App Campaigns (formerly Universal App Campaigns or short: UAC) are one of the most effective advertising solutions for acquiring users…


Remember when clicking a banner ad was a one-way ticket to Spamville? Long ago, the flashy excitement of epilepsy-inducing digital display ads caught the eye of many unsuspecting internet browsers enamored with the interactivity on offer. These kinds of banners still exist, but nowadays, brands big and small occupy the digital advertising space with thought-out, well-planned and well-executed ad campaigns.

So much has changed in the digital landscape in such a short period of time. Does anyone remember 1991? We won’t blame you if you don’t. That was when the World Wide Web was born and changed everyone’s lives.

It’s one of the biggest events of the year in the tech industry: Apple’s annual fall event where new products and services get unveiled. There was wild speculation about what could be announced in the weeks leading up to the event. The announcements on the day were not too surprising or shocking. This year it was different — like anything else in 2020 so far. Not only because it was a virtual-only event for the first time ever, but also because the company did not unveil the newest iPhones and has shocked at least some subscription services companies and developers…

Customlytics Partner Content — by Tiahn Wetzler Senior Content Marketing Editor at Adjust

Mobile fraud is highly problematic for the entire mobile advertising industry. From publishers to measurement partners, fraud damages workflows, drains revenue, renders data inaccurate and throws strategies out the window.

It’s estimated that by 2022, between $44 billion and $87 billion will be stolen from the digital ad marketing industry annually, as a result of mobile ad fraud. Understanding this threat, how it works, and how to best combat it, is vital for marketers. …

The competition for user attention in the leading app stores is intense. App users can download almost 4.5 million apps from the App Store and Google Play Store (Google Play Store: 2.56 million; App Store: 1.85 million, as of Q1 2020, source: Statista). The first hurdle that an app has to overcome in the battle for user attention is to stand out from all the apps in the app stores and be found — ideally directly when entering certain terms in the search.

In this article, we want to provide app marketing managers and others who are interested an introduction…

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